It is at the Maredsous Abbey, in the heart of the Molignée valley at the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes, that nature and tradition meet to craft exceptional spirits.

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Spirits of the Maredsous Abbey Herbal Distillery are made from an infusion of medicinal plants in a distillate of certified organic grains. A double distillation at the end of which only the heating core is kept .This process gives our spirits a pure concentration of aromatic richness, using plants renowned for their virtues. This selection of plants is made according to very precise criteria: ECOLOGY, BOTANY and PHARMACOGNOSY.


Ecology and the protection of our resources.


The art of choosing the right plants.


Pharmacognosy and the art of plant-based healing

100% Organic

Our MAREDSOUS ABBEY spirits are infused with over 10 medicinal plants renowned for their gustatory and therapeutic properties.

The Maredsous Abbey Herbal Distillery only uses certified organic grains (BE-BIO-01 inspection and certification). Organic farming, which does not use pesticides, chemical fertilisers, irradiation or genetically-modified grains, is environmentally-friendly and protects the land and water.


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Dive deep into our production process and marvel at the grandeur of our copper stills, the silent witnesses to our distillation artistry. Discover the secrets of our creations, through infusions carefully crafted from carefully selected plants.

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